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the figure in watercolor

This workshop is for artists and art lovers with some drawing experience.
4 sessions of 3 hours, a total of 12 hours with personal reviews.
Classes are on Thursday 2-5pm CT, starting April 07, 2022.
Cost USD$ 90
Classes are recorded and available for a limited time.
The class is a live online experience via Zoom and you need an internet connection in order to attend.  

image, watercolor, portrait, art, video tutorial

We focus on the human figure representing the body with the watercolor technique using photo and video references. We will create many watercolors during each session, depending on the time duration of each pose. I will be performing a few demos explain step by step my art process. The models will be female and male and we will use a method that helps enjoy the painting process!
The artists will submit images of their work for critiques at each session.
Note: The course is a live online experience. A computer, tablet or smartphone will be necessary in order to take this workshop: we recommend a laptop or desktop.
Suggested materials:
Here is a list of materials that you should have in order to get the best out of this workshop. Try to use good brands and heavy weight watercolor paper, if in doubt just ask writing to contact.
- watercolor paper of approx. 35x25cm (14x10in) 300g cold pressed, or a block.
- watercolor brushes round tip: one fine (liner), one medium, one big and a flat synthetic medium size brush for corrections.
- watercolors: Van Dyke Brown, Yellow Ocher, Alizarin Red, Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue.
- A plastic palette with spaces to mix tones.
- 2 containers for water, the second is to keep clean water for corrections.
- Blue tape or a clip to attach your paper to a rigid support
- Paper towels.
You can find some materials here: my watercolor palette

write here to receive a detailed program.  

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