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Paint the figure in watercolor with a simple method starting with gesture and basic proportions in monocrhome and adding color gradually.
- 35 min video of a watercolor from start to finish in real time.
- digital format, watch it from any device online or download.
- in spanish with english subtitles.
- video reference of the model.
- easy to follow instructions to paint along.
Buy it now for only US$ 10 

image, watercolor, portrait, art, video tutorial

Michele explains the approach to his watercolor technique working real time in a video session with model (due to quarantine times), you will be able to see the entire process from start to finish with no information left untold. The artist reveals all his tricks with full explanations that go from technical aspects to conceptual decisions of his portrait painting approach.
This is a high definition video with clear sound for a truly enjoyable experience, the video contains some nudity.

Suggested materials:
Here is a list of materials that you should get in order to follow the instructions properly. Try to always use good brands and heavy weight watercolor paper.
- watercolor paper of approx. 35x50cm (14x20in)  300g - 140lb cold pressed
- watercolor brushes round tip, one fine (liner), one medium, one big and a flat synthetic medium size brush for corrections.
- watercolors Van Dyke Brown, Yellow Ocher, Alizarin Red, Sepia and Ultramarine Blue. 
- A plastic palette with spaces to mix tones.
- 2 small containers for water, the second is to keep clean water for corrections.
- Blue tape or a clip to attach to a rigid support (only in case that you use a sheet).
- Paper towels.

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